14 September 2011

Audio and Video hosting for only US$1 a month

For those on the budget, you can click the link below to know more about this site that offers affordable and reliable audio and video hosting. In addition to this, the site provides you with plenty of tutorial and how to, steps by steps to setup, configure the tools used in online radio i.e. winamp, DSP plugin and so on. The instructions are explained in a simple step by step approach. here are some of the useful link to the site that might be of interest to you. Try it and find out.

As Low As $1!! You can start your very own radio station for only $1 USD a month. The company ( www.reliastream.com) offers an affordable rates, reliable servers, and excellent customer service will have you broadcasting in no time. Instant account set up once payment is made!!! . Now that what I called fast and simple.

NEW:  ReliaStream now offers Centova Cast and WHMSonic radio plans. All radio servers on powerful 1000 mbps servers. We also offer web hosting for only $3.99 per month!! Over 450 clients broadcasting on the ReliaStream network. Stop paying to much for your internet streaming.


Anonymous said...

awesome...now everyone can start online radio...

ecommerce hosting said...

This is a good opportunity to anyone who wants to start a radio show online. Since the streaming is hosted on ShoutCast and the entire website is hosted on separate web hosting provider it will be easily accessible to anyone.