26 August 2010

ACE Broadcast Engineer - Profile

C.G.Simon is a sabahan. He is the second eldest in a family of talented musicians and singers. He grew up playing and handling musical instruments. This has helped him developed a sensitive ear to music and keen understanding of sound systems. He is a member of IEEE and Society of Broadcast Engineers, USA and a Certified ADC Krone Master Installer (certificate of competency), USA. Diploma in Applied Science ( Mara Institute of Technology, Malaysia), Diploma in Electronic Technology with FCC (Cleveland Institute of Electronics, USA). Certificate in Digital Data Communications (Cleveland Institute of Electronics, USA).
He had his primary and secondary education in the local schools of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. He then went on to study at the Mara institute of Technology, Shah Alam and finally graduated from University of East London, United Kingdom of Great Britain with Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic. All this time, he continued to be involved in Music, Bands and the setting up of various P.A. Systems.

After graduating as a qualified engineer, he worked in other industries before finding his true calling in the broadcasting industry which again involves music, audio-visual equipments, sound engineering, Audio Mixing, Microphone Basic & Live Sound Engineering ( microphone technique, Loudspeakers placement, Audio Amplifier, Musical instrument miking, Audio effect processor, mixing console, editing, digital recording, equalization, echo, feedback and reverberation and many more ). Having had the informal background training in the music industry and the theoretical technical knowledge gained at university, he easily mastered the technical work and become excellent at his work.

He has experience working with the local broadcasting station both at  Kota Kinabalu  and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for more than 18 years in both Radio and TV broadcast engineering section. He is often consulted by government agencies and departments on Audio-Visual technical matters especially ones which involves electronic and computer equipments.
During the 18 years span he has from time to time attended both local and overseas training courses, seminars and workshops to update his knowledge. He has also undergone a “Train the Trainers” program as well as a “Training Needs Analysis” course. He is now a qualified trainer and is able to analyze the technical training requirement of the department personnel if necessary.