23 June 2014

Simple Tools

At present day, most of us involve in audio reproduction will certainly encounters problem with managing the audio for reproduction or processing. For instant, one of the most common fault is to do with ground loops which caused buzz, hum or hissing. A simple thing like cable defect, mismatch audio input level, improper cable conversion form balanced to unbalance, improper audio splitter can more or less introduce undesirable audio i/o which can degrade the quality of the audio.   

An example of such tools are: Rolls BUZZ OFF HE18, Rolls Cable Detect CT1 PRO, Behringer ULTRA-DI20, behringer CT100, Henry Engineering PatchBox II, galaxy Pro JIB/S 4 Way Splitter.

Hence, the following simple solution can somehow improve the audio ( i.e. removes buzz, hum caused by ground loop, matches level, detect faulty cables, convert high level to low level and so on and so forth).  I will discussed each one of these tools later. So in the meantime, stay tune.