Professional Audio Workshops

by Acoustic/Audio Consultant and Engineers

Do you operate sound system? Are you an Audio Technician? Do you involve in sound reinforcement system? Are you interested in Audio Reinforcement Systems? If yes, then you should attend this workshop.

The workshop is especially design to provide audio operator and technician the necessary knowledge to properly operate and tackle the common problem facing with the majority of typical sound reinforcement system.
The workshop runs for three days and covers mostly practical aspect of operating the sound reinforcement system.

The whole workshop will be conducted side by side with typical live working sound system so they can shown and taught on the actual application. It includes hands on session where the technician can demonstrate what have been taught.

Briefly what you will learn are:

The inner workings of audio interfaces such as line signal, Low and high impedance signal, power and other signal characteristics, the different type of microphone & microphone technique, frequency responses, system gain structure for optimum signal to noise ratio, typical audio power amplifier and loudspeaker, mixing technique of a typical professional audio mixer, audio feedback, PA system setup and many more.


Due to unforeseen  matter, the courses has been postpone to another date which will be notified later. However, should you need more clarification regarding the content of the courses or any other related matter, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Thank you once again, for your keen interest in the subject of sound reinforcement system.

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Instructor Profile : C.G. Simon

He is currently works as a senior broadcast Engineer with the local Audio Consultancy and Engineering Company. He has accumulated suffice knowledge in sound engineering while working fulltime as broadcast engineer. With his 19 years of working experience ranging from setting up and running pro-audio sound system, troubleshooting and designing system pertaining to broadcasting, he is well suited to undertake any project related to acoustic and audio system.

He graduated from University of East London, United Kingdom with Bachelor Engineering in Electrical and Electronic (Honours Degree - 1993). Diploma in Applied Science ( Mara Institute of Technology, Malaysia (1987) and Diploma in Electronic Technology with FCC Examination ( Cleveland Institute of Electronics, USA -  2004 ). Member (
41405809 ) IEEE, Member of IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.

He has always been actively involved with music and shown keen interest in Sound reinforcement System ever since his school days. He is also a musician and played the guitar, keyboard and drums.
He is currently pursuing his Professional Acoustic Program Study from University of New South Wales, Canberra , Australia. The program is based on a similar program that has been offered via Universities or the UK Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and recognized by the Australian Association of Acoustical Consultants (AAAC).

To further improve his teaching skills, he attended numerous local and overseas training courses, seminars and workshop and this help to update his technical knowledge. He has also undergone a “Train the Trainers” program as well as a “Training Needs Analysis” Course. He is a qualified trainer and able to analyze the technical training requirement of department personnel if necessary.

For project related work, Call us for more information. Let us guide and assist you in selecting and designing of a complete broadcast system that suits your requirement.