Campus Radio for schools, Colleges and Universities

An example of Student Radio / Campus Radio On-Air Digital Radio System

Nowadays, there are many ways of conveying information e.g. internet, wireless broadband, hand phones, satellite transmission and one of the most common is through Radio broadcast. Radio gives many benefits to the listeners i.e. news, sports, entertainment and so on.

In regards to education however, we can introduce a variety of elements to traditional learning by integrating portable live audio production components to classroom as part of their day to day curriculum or activities.
Through their involvement with radio broadcast technology, students learn valuable technology and help improve their multi-disciplinary skills and collaborative abilities. In shorts, student can effectively contribute to the overall school message by producing many radio program such as live morning radio announcements, student news broadcasts, sporting events and other activities.

In addition, it also helps students to be more imaginative and therefore creative in their thinking. For example student can create fundraising projects such as DJ talent, special request radio program and many more. Radio broadcasting via low power FM transmitter together with online radio can also be used for distance learning, school blogs, and collaborative projects among schools.

This is where Campus Radio/Student Radio comes into Place.
What is Radio Campus?
Reference: GUIDELINE ON THE PROVISION OF FM CAMPUS RADIO SERVICE (MCMC/G/07/07 – CAMPUS RADIO) - Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

Campus radio (also known as college radio, university radio or student radio) is a type of Radio Station that is run by the students of a college, university or other educational institution. Campus Radio is defined as a type of low power FM radio station that is owned and operated by the school.

It shall provide a restricted FM radio coverage usually within the school compound areas and limited to school’s community only. On the other hand, it is also possible to transmit the radio program via in house audio distribution system without  the needs for radio transmitter. However, a much simply ways to broadcast is via internet or online radio.

The main purposes of the Campus Radio are as follows:

a) The opportunity for the students to gain live broadcasting training experience i.e.Radio DJ, radio production and so on. They also have the opportunity to gain first hand experience in broadcast technology / engineering i.e. hands on experience in both operation and maintaining the broadcast equipment ( broadcast studio equipment and the radio transmitter)

b) To promote cultural and linguistic diversity as well as facilitate discussion and expression of opinion among the students.

c) In addition, it will also act to relay information, news and relevant school based content for the school community.


  • Student Engagement
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Student Motivation
  • Team Development and Collaboration

  • Can be arranged to cater for Special Needs Learners


  • Fun, exiting and easy-to-use broadcast technology for both Teachers and Students
  • Adheres to current government Broadcast Standards
  • Can be integrated into a Wide Variety of School Curriculum

Call us to know more about setting up Radio Campus / Student Radio in School, Institute or university. We can customize the system according to your requirement to cater your budget. Let us guide, plan and setup the station for you.