Our Objectives and Missions

  " ACE strives to be the best in audio/video technology"
ACE is a local company dealing with sound reinforcement system, professional radio and TV broadcasting system, audio system design and installation as well as conducting audio related training (short courses).  

ACE strives to be the best and largest company, the very best of audio/ video and broadcast technology consultant in Asia region.

A requirement of sound and video system varies among organizations. We are aware of your specific needs and we have the required expertise to address them effectively. Our objective is to provide you the right sound, video and multimedia systems at an affordable cost.

To realize your goal, we evaluate your requirements thoroughly. We normally perform as follows:

a) We discuss your current and future needs.

b) We evaluate all audio video distribution, broadcasting requirements and acoustical qualities of your specific application.

c) Having done the necessary evaluation and other requirement, we then prepare and produce to you a detailed quotation.

d) If you are not satisfied with our evaluation and quotation, we will revise it accordingly and most importantly we offer you the best price.

There are many factors involved in achieving the "excellent sound" and superb video quality. ACE will help you to address all of them professionally. We choose and offer you only the best and most current audio/video/multimedia equipment for the job, we perform the entire system setup, do the system configuration and install it accordingly, and we also provide you the necessary training and long term support. You can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

ACE usually deal with many major pro audio and video broadcasting equipment. Therefore we only use and install professional equipment that are proven reliable and make a point to fully evaluate all technical aspects of these equipment. We choose and use only the best in terms of cost and performance.

Again we only propose equipment which has been commercially proven in terms of performance, robustness and reliable in audio/video quality. In short, good audio/video reproduction is of utmost concern to ACE.