22 August 2013

Online Radio Connectivity using Behringer UCA222

I found that the easiest method to connect an analog audio mixer to PC is using an audio interface and in this case I am using the UCA222 from Behringer. The UCA 222 use two sets of unbalanced RCA namely Input RCA ( L&R) and Output RCA(L&R). Download the Behringer UCA222 manual for more info. Impedance mismatch is the most troublesome problem ( i.e. Hum, distorted, imbalanced audio level ..etc.) especially if you are using external devices such as CD player, IPod, Ipad and similar to generate audio into line in of Laptop or PC. Now this can be minimized if you use UCA222. Try it to believe.


Unknown said...

Hie, I have a question. Very much new in this so i apologise in advance should my question sound silly.

I am thinking to purchase the studio in a box (basic) - http://www.streamingfree.biz/studio-in-a-box-full-studio-package/

My question, is there any other hardware/software that i need to have before i can do online radio? Do i need to register in tune in for example in order to start broadcasting?

Please help

CGSIMON said...

Hi Amar,

Im sorry for the late reply. Im not familiar with Studio in a Box. You may have to call or contact them directly to find out what are their product offer consist of.
Before you can start a basic online radio , first of all you need to get a shoutcast hosting. This can be either free hosting ( example http://www.listen2myradio.com/ ) or pay hosting ( example http://www.voscast.com/). one you have the hosting then you can stream your audio or whatever audio you have to your shoutcast hosting server.

You can follow how to setup an online radio by following my tutorial at http://www.ace-proaudio.com/2013/07/radio-online-treaming-part-1.html.