14 July 2013

Radio online Streaming Part 1

I wrote this tutorial few months ago and I guess it will be cool to publish it for the benefit of everyone who wants to learn how to setup their online radio.


Hi everyone, now let me see where should I begin? Ok are you ready, relax, if you find it difficult to follow do not worry, it will be easy once you get hold of the concepts and the secret ( actually it is not a secret at all) behind this mysterious and confusing topic. Technically the steps to setup an online radio is not that difficult at all.

This tutorial shall also involve setting up shoutcast hosting server (in my experience, with RTM, it is more reliable to host the shoutcast server elsewhere rather than running your own shoutcast server. This is mainly because of certain limitation i.e. limited listeners and streaming instability and others matters concerning server maintenance and servicing. Unless you have a very big dedicated broadband line in the region of 30MB and above and of cause you need highly knowledgeable technical staffs to look after the server.

You better off in my opinion to let the server side taken care by other so that you are free to concentrate the content of the online radio rather than wasting time doing the maintenance i.e. troubleshooting and related matters just to keep the server running. Believe me, I was there before and it gives me lot of sleepless night and headache.

Just in case, you may also need to understand what is shoutcast, if you are being asked to explain later.

What is SHOUTcast?

SHOUTcast is a free-of-charge internet DJ solution. It allows anybody on the internet to broadcast live audio/shows from their PC to listeners across the globe.  SHOUTcast relies on MP3 or AAC technology to deliver audio in a live situation. If you prefer to broadcast from your pc to your listeners the information below will have you broadcasting in no time. Find more info at www.shoutcast.com.

An online radio is little bit easier to understand if you study the diagram (two configuration to choose) as per attachment (TYPE I.pdf and TYPE II.pdf as above).

The hardware consists of the following items:
a) Basic Behringer one channel microphone Model Behringer UB502
b) Behringer USB Audio interface UCA 222 (Ultra-Low Latency 2 In/2 Out USB Audio Interface with Digital Output). Please refer to attachment for more info. (for TYPE II only).
c) OPTIONAL : Desktop PC for Playlist or Radio Automation
d) Cables : 3.5mm stereo jack to TRS jack / RCA ( left and right)
e) Dynamic Microphone : Shure SM58 (made in Mexico) or equivalent
f) Studio Headphone (any good studio /semi pro headphone).
g) Active studio Monitor
h) Laptop or desktop for Audio Streamer ( win 7 OS )
i) OPTIONAL : Others accessories : guitar, sound generator…etc
The Software consists of the following:

a) Winamp Standard (go to http://www.winamp.com/media-player/all to download )
b) SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp ( go to http://www.shoutcast.com/broadcast-tools to download )
c) Registered with free shoutcast hosting for training purposes at http://www.listen2myradio.com/ and choose and click “sign up for free account” and follow the instruction to setup the free shoutcast hosting server.

Once you have gather the above hardware and software requirement, then the following steps is to setup the said hardware and software. So are you ready to go to the next steps? Or perhaps you want to stop here for a cup of coffee, watch TV or something to relax you.

NEXT is Step 2.