05 September 2011

Main component in an Online Radio or Internet Radio

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When you search and google online radio, you will be amazed the numbers of result you will get (if you google of course). This shows that online radio is very common, in fact it is a norm nowadays. Whether an individual, organization or government and private sectors, almost all of them have their own online radio as a mean of communication, promotion or simply conveying messages to the public or their client.
What are the components that involved in forming a system of online radio or internet radio? Here I have listed and show you the most common used component.
  • Audio Mixer preferably with built in USB connectivity for you to easily connect the mixer to a laptop or desktop via USB (equipped with USB cable) i.e. Alesis Multimix 4 USB or better.
  • Telecommunication Broadband (dialup or fixed) preferably with minimum of 512kbps uploading speed or more with modem. Wireless broadband can be used but not quite stable and it can interrupt your streaming or uploading of audio to shoutcast hosting server.
  • One unit of Fast laptop (preferably 2 core processor i.e. 1.6Ghz CPU or better) or fast desktop (preferably 2 core processor i.e 2Ghz and above).
  • One unit of microphone (preferably low impedance) i.e. shure SM58 or condenser microphone i.e. Audio Technica AT2020. Additional microphone is required for guest if required.
  • Subscribed to shoutcast hosting services. This is required for you to broadcast your online radio to the internet for the whole world to listen.
  • Download the free audio streaming application i.e. winamp at http://www.shoutcast.com/. Alternatively you can buy SAM Broadcaster at http://spacial.com/sam-broadcaster-shoutcast-discount/.
  • Download Free internet radio automation system i.e. download at http://www.radiodj.ro/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=3. But if you already purchase SAM Broadcaster, this is no longer required.
  • Song material (preferably in MP3 format)
  • One unit of Headphone i.e. Shennheiser HD202 or Koss UR29 Studio Headphones.
  • One unit of Desktop Microphone stand i.e. Atlas Sound DS7 or similar.
  • Domain name registration. You can name for your online radio station i.e MyBigVoice.com, MelodyFmRadio.com or anything which reflect your online radio identity. You can register domain name of your choice at www.godaddy.com or any other domain registration provider.
  • Subscribed on website hosting i.e. http://webhostingworld.net or other hosting provider you preferred.
Well, that wrapped just about everything that are required to setup a simple or basic online radio system.  The next steps will be to perform connection, configuration and setup of the items listed above.

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