06 August 2013

Radio Online Streaming Part 2

Welcome back Folks, now if you choose to use TYPE II connection, it is crucial that before we begin setting up the hardware,I should mentioned here the importance of a good audio interface module (here we recommend you to use Behringer UCA 222) as this will greatly affect your online radio stability (latency and audio loop) especially if you are using only one desktop or laptop to run both audio streamer and Playlist or radio Automation.

Assuming that you have the entire hardware ready (except the guitar and the additional desktop as both of these items are optional), you will find it easy to make the connection by referring to the diagram shown in basic online radio.pdf. ( refer to Step 1 Radio Online Streaming ).

Do quick checking to all connectivity of the system before you switch on the power. If the connection is done properly and all items are in working condition, there should be no problem (I hope so). Next steps may need you to download (assuming that you have not yet downloading the applications) and runs the setup program of these applications:

Steps 3: Next...


Anonymous said...

Using UCA222 can cause delay ( latency)...so how do you suggest to use the system then...any ideas?

Anonymous said...

just a good idea for this. more