24 December 2010

The easy way to Internet Radio

Internet Radio Broadcast is no longer considered an alien to worldwide internet user. Internet radio has becoming very popular since it introduction many years ago. Virtually anyone interested to broadcast audio via online can do so without much restriction in terms of legality and at it basic setup, you just need a PC with audio card and a broadband connectivity. However this type of setup may requires a special hosting to carry the online audio to listeners.
The cost of hosting may varies depending on how much bandwidth or listeners you are expecting and the quality of the audio you willing to provide. The more listeners and higher audio quality will cost you more.
For those who have very little budget, it may pays to look at the following concept which give us an alternative ways to create live online radio.
The main advantage of this method is that you do not need to spend much. So long as the server is able to provide reasonable bandwidth, you are set to go. Basically, the method only required hosting with reasonable bandwidth and no others requirement(unlike the common method which requires webserver that support shoutcast). Below are the brief explanations of it concept and how the audio is being channel to the listeners. At the ends of the day, you choose and decide what quality, how many listeners and convenient of usage you want your listeners to have.

The Internet Broadcasting Studio is a software package composed of two programs: BS-Server and BS-Tuner.
BS-Server is capable of streaming audio (live or MP3 files) and pictures from a simple PC to a potentially large audience, using a standard web server as a bandwidth amplifier.
All you need to start your own Internet broadcast is this program, and the ability to upload files to some web server.

BS-Server runs in your computer, builds a data stream with your audio and picture files, and sends this stream into a directory of your web site. The disk space used in the web server is always less than 5 MB, even if your broadcast lasts for hours. See the Technical information page for more.
To view/listen to your broadcast, your audience will use BS-Tuner, a light-weight multimedia player specially designed to receive the BS-Server data streams.
BS-Tuner is freely redistributable, meaning that your audience can download it and use it for free. To protect your copyright and prevent others from copying your photos and music, BS-Tuner has no "Save" feature.
With Internet Broadcasting Studio, you can easily set up a pay-per-view broadcast by encrypting your data stream with a secret key. Send the key to listeners who subscribed to your broadcast with PayPal or any other online payment processing services. You can further control access to your broadcast by setting user-based passwords with your web server htaccess files.
You can download and get more info at Broadcasting-Software.

If you need assistance, you can call ACE. We can installed and configured them for you for a small fees.

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