06 October 2010

Understanding the Audio Mixer

In audio business world, it is a fact that audio engineering is a combination of both science and art. It dependency of each other can not be denied. In the context of an audio mixer, understanding what's under the hood of the mixer is paramount important. By understanding the science part it will help you to develop your art side. There are many ways to learn how audio mixer operate but nothing can compare if you attend an audio workshop where you can gained a whole lot more about mixers than you'd learn from a typical owner's manual, including:
  • Names and functions of the major building blocks of a mixer
  • How to read and follow a block diagram
  • Signal paths through the mixer
  • Function of all the controls and some special features
  • Hookup diagrams for many different applications
  • Mixing and operating tips
ACE is organizing many workshop and seminar to help you have better understanding of an audio system particularly concerning the science part.

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