12 September 2010

Acoustical Treatment

Home Studio Acoustical Treatments on a Budget
by Gavin Haverstick

Digital technology in the recording industry has evolved and expanded greatly over
the years, allowing high quality/low cost recording gear to be widely available to the
general public. Due to this fact, hundreds of home studios are either being converted
from existing bedrooms, dens and basements or constructed as a separate room of a home. Hobbyists and part-time musicians that typically do not have the advantage of a large recording budget operate the majority of these studios.

Along with digital equipment, acoustical treatment has become more affordable over the years giving many musicians the opportunity to write, record and produce ideas, demos, and even entire albums in the comfort of their own home without having to sacrifice acoustical quality along the way.

Acoustical treatment such as absorption, diffusion and bass trapping are often implemented to reduce the effects of issues such as flutter echo, excessive reverberation and bass build-up, among others. The purpose of this article is to highlight the issues and challenges faced by hobbyist....read more by clicking the link below.


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